EDGE Coolant Division

Refreshingly Simple!

Too many coolant manufacturers allow their product lines to be overwhelmingly complicated. As they try to squeeze out more and more pennies of margin per gallon of coolant sold, other manufacturers force their customers to stock multiple chemistries in order to produce their parts. But it’s really just a charade. These manufacturers continue to introduce new formulas in an effort to overcome shortcomings in the performance of their existing products.

It’s time to stop the madness and make yourself more competitive by using EDGE Coolants!

Our coolants division product philosophy is simple and straightforward: manufacture the fewest industry-superior chemistries needed to satisfy the broadest scope of customer applications at a competitive price. The result is a limited number of high quality coolants that simplify everyone’s life and saves the end user a lot of money in materials, maintenance, downtime, and disposal fees while improving the quality of life at work at the same time.

Available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes.

Deephole Drilling & CNC Coolants


KoolRite Coolant
Best Deep Hole Drilling Coolant


The perfect EDGE coolant for 90% of our customers. A soluble oil coolant with excellent machining performance on multiple materials (Steel, stainless, copper, brass, etc.). Non-staining, low foam, and provides stable solubility and superior bacterial control compared to any other soluble oil coolant on the market. Won’t gum up your tooling and separates out tramp oils effectively.
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A lighter duty version of KOOLRite2290 designed for less demanding machining operations and EDGE customers looking to save a few dollars.
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This heavy duty synthetic cutting fluid replace old style synthetics, soluble oil and semi-synthetics. Designed with new technology eliminating the use of mid- and long-chain chlorinated paraffins and sulfur for heavy duty operations on all ferrous metals. KOOLRite 2540 is also excellent for non metallic machining.
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EDGE Coolant Division puts our product offering up against every coolant in the market and our successes are growing at an incredible rate. See our Success Stories from customers and learn about the benefits that others have experienced using KOOLRite coolants. When you read these comments, just imagine the value that your company will realize from these same benefits:

  • Eliminate the horrid stench caused by bacterial growth
  • Reduce your costs of recycling
  • Enjoy a stable coolant that doesn’t require constant additions to keep it in solution
  • Improved performance of your machining operations
  • Reduce machine cleaning/maintenance time
  • Increase manufacturing up-time
  • Eliminate purchases of bactericides
  • Reduce foaming

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Saw Coolants



Saw Coolant


A state of the art, heavy-duty soluble oil coolant designed for production sawing of all metals except magnesium. This clean-running, low-foam product is stable in both soft and extremely hard water with additives that provide excellent rejection of tramp oils. Operators will enjoy the gentleness to hands and cleanliness of this product.


This synthetic cutting and grinding fluid provides excellent corrosion protection and very low foam with good biological resistance. Great for light to medium machining and grinding of all steel alloys, cast iron, tool steels, but not recommended for Magnesium. Hard water tolerant and rejects oil for easy removal.



Sump & General Cleaners

Sump Cleaner PSC

This cleaner is specially formulated for sump cleaning with disinfecting properties, corrosion inhibitors, and foam control. It is important to use a proper cleaner like Sump Cleaner PSC instead of floor cleaners, bleach, or hand cleaners.

Defoamer XFO 10S

This product helps control foam that may form in your machine’s sump.

EDGE Coolant Procedure for Coolant Sump Cleaning

  1. Drain the entire coolant sump
  2. Remove all swarf, chips and other solids
  3. Fill the system with enough water to allow circulation through all lines, filters and tanks
  4. Add the sump cleaner at the recommended concentration, usually 2%-4%.
  5. Circulate the cleaner for 2-8 hours, or longer. If your system is severly contaminated, use the higher concentration and circulate the sump cleaner for as many hours as possible.
  6. Manual scrubbing of some areas may be necessary. Steam cleaning of filters and tanks should be done on large systems, primarily in areas where the cleaner cannot reach.
  7. When completed, drain the cleaner from the system
  8. Refill the system with enough water to circulate through the system to rinse out the cleaner and other residues. If the water is exceptionally dirty, a second rinse may be necessary
  9. Charge the system with the required amount of water
  10. Add the recommended amount of coolant
  11. Circulate the system to assure that the coolant mixes well. In precision grinding, make sure to circulate the fresh charge until it reaches normal operating temperature, so as to avoid size control problems.