Deep Hole Drilling Tools

Deep Hole Drilling Tools

Deep hole drilling requires special tools to remove material quickly and cleanly using high pressure coolant to drill depths and diameters beyond the capabilities of other CNC tooling.

Deep Hole Drilling Indexable
EDGE provides indexables from 2.000” dia. to 20.000″+ dia. with cartridges for extra protection for the tool. There are many combinations in which the cartridge and wear pad can be used to produce additional plus hole sizes. All Indexable drills are shipped with assembly instructions, including a list of spare parts.



Deep Hole Drilling Inserts







Inserts available in the following sizes:


Special Chip Breakers available for difficult-to-cut materials.

Performs exceptionally well in Inconel, Stainless, 13 Chrome, P550, 4145, and many other materials.

Deep Hole Drilling Cartridge

Deep Hole Drilling Cartridges









Cartridges available in the following sizes:

Inner/Center Cartridge

Outer Cartridge

Intermediate, Center, Outer Cartridges in stock.
Cartridges ship complete with Insert Screws and Adjust Screws.


Deep Hole Drilling Indexable Guide Pad

Deep Hole Drilling Guide Pads








Deep Hole Drilling Guide Pad

Guide Pads
Brazed and Solid Carbide Guide Pads available for
Solid Drill Indexables and Trepan Tools.

Additional sizes available upon request.

Brazed Guide Pads

Solid Carbide Guide Pads

Guide Pad Protectors







Guide Pad Protector
Guide Pad Protectors available in the following sizes:

Part Number

Sub Guide Pad

Sub Guide Pad
Sub Guide Pads available in the following sizes:

Part Number

Brazed Heads / New & Retipped
BTA / STS Brazed Heads for the Single Tube System have a Drill Size range of: 0.312″ – 2.559″

Ejector / DTS Brazed Heads for the Double Tube System have a Drill Size range of: 0.724″ – 2.559″

Several grades of Carbide are available for various materials.

Our Brazed Heads can be modified by using extra long guide pads for drilling long parts, especially for small drill sizes.

If you have brazed heads to be retipped, we offer 1-2 week delivery. All tools retipped here in the U.S.


Deep Hole Drilling Indexable Tooling
EDGE does provide a direct fit indexable tool called the Vortex. The Vortex drill is designed for the inserts to fit directly in the drill pocket meaning there are no cartridges in this drill. Many customers prefer this style drill in smaller diameter drilling because it provides for better chip evacuation. The Vortex is available in 1.000”dia to 2.600”dia and other sizes on special order.


Special Form Tools

Deep Hole Drilling Form Tool

Special Form Tools
Special Form Drills and Boring Heads are manufactured for specific customer requirements. We have manufactured these tools for diverse industries such as Aerospace, Automotive Steering, Transmission, Aircraft Landing Gear, Power Generation, Tube Sheet, Mold Industry, Oil and Gas, and Valve Manufacturing.

These tools can be manufactured with a Special Radii, Angle, Special Form, Flat Bottom, and other designs.


Brazed Piloted Counterboring Dril
Brazed Piloted Counter Boring Drill
The Pilot is interchangeable.
The drill may be Re-Sharpened and Re-Tipped.
If diameter and form allow, we can also make as an Indexable tool.



Pull Boring
Pull Boring Tools
Pull Boring tools are designed to be pulled back by the drill tube through an existing bore in order to enlarge the hole as well as to enhance the straightness of the bore. The tool is “on tension”. Push style Counterboring/Reaming tools are also available.



Trepan Heads
Trepan Heads are designed to drill a hole in the workpiece while also leaving a smaller solid core of material that can be used to machine other products. Trepan Heads can be designed to meet the core specifications needed. Trepan Heads can be manufactured up to 20″ or more in diameter.


Crosshole Adapters

Crosshole Adapters
Crosshole adapters are available.


Deep Hole Drilling Oil Tote
Deephole Drilling Oil
Deephole drilling oil is available.

Request Technical Data Sheets.


Mold Industry BTA Drills

Mold Industry Drills

Mold Industry Drills
Mold industry drills have extended wear pads for stability when cross hole drilling is needed. Our drills are designed to decrease the distance between the wear pads.

The drills are manufactured in two styles: ST is a single insert design and the MT drill design has multiple inserts. If you have a need to drill on an angle these drills will be more stable for your operation. In some cases these drills replace the cross hole drill adapters.

We manufacture these drills in sizes that are used everyday in the mold industry.


Mold Industry Single Tip Drills

Mold Industry MT Drills

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