The industry leader in Deephole Drilling Machines, Tools, Spare Parts and Oils/Coolants.
Headquartered in Houston, TX

Deephole Drilling Tools


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EDGE Deephole Drilling Tools and Systems specializes in STS/BTA and Ejector Drilling, Indexables, Spare Parts, Brazed Tools and Accessories.

Premium INSERTS, CARTRIDGES, GUIDE PADS, and more, at very competitive pricing. In stock. Ready to ship.

EDGE serves many of the largest Manufacturing and Deephole Drilling companies in the world. We also serve many small to medium size shops.



Deephole Drilling Machines


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New Deep Hole Drilling Machines.

Better tools by design.

Although EDGE’s spare parts are interchangeable with other tools on the market, there is a dramatic difference. EDGE tools enable better chip evacuation and longer tool life.